About Us

About us

In the 21st century, access to adequate healthy and nutritional food has become the primary concern for people in the world due to its exorbitant prices apart from clean water and air. Tulip Agro Holdings (Pvt) Limited have identified this core issue face by the people and took up the challenge of providing nutritional, healthy and fresh vegetables at 40% less than the existing market prices.

For over a year Tulip Agro strived to achieved this objective with its own farm at Diyaluma with the research and development support of the top agricultural professionals in this industry, from both home and abroad.

We studied the best methods and techniques with high end seeds brought from countries such as Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Greece to provide our consumers with excellent end products which carries high nutritional values. We are proud to announce that we now have achieved your goals and dreams of receiving nutritional, healthy and quality fresh vegetables from our farms at your door step within the day.

Our Strategy

Tulip Agro’s strategy is to bring a broad and well balanced line of secure, high-quality fruit and vegetables to clients. This is made possible through detailed knowledge of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and innovative, quality agricultural food producer and supplier in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We are a customer centric agriculture producer and supplier which strive to achieve long-term growth and sustainability with a dedicated team who is willing to serve its customers around the clock, continuously searching for practical solutions through technology and innovation, detailed analysis of soil & crops and custom solutions to improve our production through the operations in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Our Values

  1. Least amount of pesticides used at our farms.
  2. Priced economically with our main products at 40% of the market price.
  3. Assuring of this sustained price for the next five years.
  4. Farm fresh vegetables delivered to your door step within 24 hours.
  5. Continuously striving to give fresh nutritional products which will continuously be added to our existing product line.

Dr. Yasas Katipearachchi
Head of Research and Development

He is qualified with B. Sc. and M. Phil. degrees in Agriculture (Peradeniya University) and Ph. D. degree and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship training (Kobe University in Japan).

He has served in the Sri Lanka Agriculture Service for 30 years, as a researcher in the Department of Agriculture and as a Director of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture, Sri Lanka.  He has professional experience on research & development in agronomy, biotechnology, plant breeding and varietal improvement, pest and diseases management in rice, field crops, vegetables and fruit crops. He provides the technical support for crop production, management, processing and marketing programs of this company.

Kseniia Drannikova
Business Promotions Officer

She holds a Masters degree in Economics and Management of Public Administrations from Kiev National Economic University of Ukraine.

With her international exposure in business promotions, Kseniia plays a vital role in promoting Tulip Agro business in home and abroad.

Apart from business promotional activities she assists the company in the field of market research and intelligence.

Daniel Masiuk
Business Promotions Officer

Daniel is a product of National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute)

He excelled in business promotions in Europe. His sea of experience in business promotions immensely helps in promoting Tulip Agro Business in Sri Lanka and abroad.

He also is a member of our market research team.

Diyaluma Farm

Our main farm stretches across 50 luscious acres of land situated in the Diyaluma, 200 meters away from the iconic Diyaluma Falls. The entire plantation is nurtured by the waters of the Diyaluma Falls diverted from an upstream location that is gravity fed to the Poly Tunnels.

Other farms of Tulip Agro are located in Koslanda, Beragala, Thalawakele and Nittambuwa areas.

All our plantations are carefully monitored by our staff who consist of experts with doctorate in the field of agriculture.

We make use of modern drip irrigation and misting technology in our farms as presently many developed counties practice this technology to grow vegetables in extreme climatic conditions.

Pundaluoya Farm

This is situated  2km away from Pundaluoya town, called KAHAPATHANA villege and belongs to Nuwaraeliya District. Farm runs 4 acres of land. This is between the Ramboda water fall and Duncinane water fall. Farm surrounded by tea plantations. Watagoda is the closest Railway Station.

Most suitable vegetables are Bel Pepper, Big Tomatoes and salad cucumber. Farm have taken water from the water stream line which runs through the Kikiliyamana Forest Reserve.